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Welcome to LJ's Peace Studies Community

You can't make peace by talking to your friends: you have to make peace with your enemies.
- Nelson Mandela

This community welcomes people to discuss the study of peace and conflict. Peace Studies addresses some of the most enduring and intractable problems of human history: the origins and nature of conflict within and between societies, and the efforts to build peaceful and equitable forms of social coexistence. We discuss the theory, concepts and practices of contemporary conflict resolution. The birth of peace is dependant on a number of factors: politics, leaders, psychology, geography, development, economy, social change etc. We are ready to discuss all these aspects of peace.

Is this the community for you? This is the right place for you if you

a) are a peace studies/conflict resolution/development/international politics student or graduate

b) are a peace activist of some sort and have strong faith in diplomacy

c) want to explore the study of peace and conflict resolution in an open environment

d) work in a organization that deals with conflict and war

e) are generally supportive of peace and the anti-war movement

Community Guidelines

1. People have different opinions and this is only natural. Everyone should make note that this is NOT a debate community. We welcome intense conversations with different point-of-views, but debate over political parties, religions or countries will not be tolerated. Critisism is ok, but straight attacks on a certain political person, religion or country are not allowed.

2. No shameless plugs to your own websites and communities, please. However, we encourage you to post information about events, lectures, interesting books or films and peace-related websites.

3. Off-topic posts are allowed in moderation. Don't get off track though; this community is about peace and conflict.

4. Long posts are good to keep behind a cut tag. It is ok to post pictures as well (peace related material) under a cut tag.

5. You will be banned if you attack another member of this community or post insulting entries and/or comments. If somebody notices this kind of activity, please contact the moderator as soon as possible.

6. Introductions are nice - feel free to briefly introduce yourself after you join.

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