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intro post and question

Hi everyone, I'm new to this community and since it looks like things have been a little slow lately, I thought I'd make an intro post and ask a question.

Intro: My name's Christine and I'm a 22 year old Peace and Global Studies major at Earlham College. In order to get a PAGS major at Earlham, you need an emphasis in a particular area of study, and mine will be Conflict Transformation, which I will be completing by going studying in Northern Ireland this Spring Semester which I'm really excited about. Uhm.... I'm from Central California originally and like making junk art. I think that just about covers it.

Question: how do you see Peace Studies departments differing among state schools vs. private schools, religious schools vs. secular schools, large schools vs. small schools etc? Do you think any one type of school is better equipt to teach peace studies than others? I live near UCSB and while I've never known anyone that's been in their Peace Studies department, they are suppose to be very excellent, and I guess just recieved a pretty large grant to expand their program. I'm very curious as to what it would be like learning Peace Studies in a larger state school, because for me, Peace Studies has been so tied into Earlham's small campus and Quaker background. I feel like I've really been encouraged to see it as a spiritual discipline as well as an intellectual field, and it's been great knowing everyone in the department so well. I'm really thankful for all of that, but I also sometimes think it must be wonderful to have such a large, more diverse campus that might have more options for Peace Studies majors. I'd really love any insights from people who study Peace Studies at larger state schools.

So yes... discuss!
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